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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Morning Videos: "Last Christmas"

Nothing can get people in the Christmas spirit more than happy-but-actually-oh-so-melancholy scenes of George Michael and Andrew Ridgley spending the winter holidays at a Swiss ski resort, right? Cripes, I hate this song.

Actually, I don't hate it; I just can't hear this song without thinking of a cover version which was enormously popular in South Korea when I was there as a missionary in the winter of 1988, and it drives me nuts. This Korean teeny-popper pop star--how I wish I'd kept more of the music tapes I surreptitiously bought; then I could check her name and Google it to see what I could find--sang it in English with this impossibly sweet, childish voice, complete with an utterly stereotypical sing-song Korean accent. It got stuck in my head; I heard it everywhere I went. I can still hear it now. AAARRGGGHHH! You miss the stupidest things, sometimes. (Incidently, George and Andrew were pretty big with the Koreans I knew, back in the day. They pronounced the band's name as "Wehm!" though.)

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