Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Morning Videos: "Do They Know Its Christmas (Live)"

I put this one up on the day after Christmas last year; this year, I get to do it on the day of. And for this year's version, a live performance of the song from Live Aid in 1985. What a crowd. Freddie Mercury! David Bowie! Long-haird Bono! Short-haired Sting! Chest-haired George Michael! Truly a celebration. (I can remember watching this show--the broadcast from Philadelphia, at least--on an old black-and-white set sitting on our kitchen table. It wasn't quite the same as being there, I suppose.)

Merry Christmas, everyone! And seriously, if you truly have nothing else to do this holiday morning, give me some help again, as last year, with identifying everyone. (Who is the black woman singing beside Freddie and hitting those high notes, I wonder?)


Piper said...

I believe it is Jody Watley.

Abe Fox said...