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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Out of Town

Not that any reader of this blog couldn't guess, but I'm off on another one of my periodic breaks. I've actually had a bit a spare blogging time of late, but let's just say that Potter geekery pretty much absorbed all of that. No seriously, the discussions I've been fortunate enough to host and be included in over the past couple of weeks have been spectacular. To all my fellow Potterites, my thanks.

And now, it's family vacation time--this time out to the mountains of Utah for a family reunion. We'll be there over our oldest daughter's birthday (August 9th--her 11th), anniversary (August 13th--our 14th), as well as the Perseid meteor shower, which is supposed to be fantastic this year. And with us being in the Wasatch mountains when they hit their peak...well, it'll sure beat anything our girls would have been able to experience here in Kansas. And, of course, they're excited to see all their cousins too. All around, should be a good trip, assuming we survive the drive. I'll be back in late August; PSTSS and whatever else I can come up with will return then. Have a good last few weeks of summer!