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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Morning Videos: "Legs"

So all right, I say that I'm all done--for now, anyway--with all the early 80s synthpop New Wave stuff. That means, I suppose, that I ought to find a video that expresses a completely different aesthetic to take us in a different direction. But what could that be? So much of the music I (and you all) watched on Friday Night Videos way back then was influenced by that cool, fey, sophisticated, carefully programmed style; they didn't call it the second British Invasion for nothing. What could its total opposite be?

Lecherous hairy men from Texas, surrounded by beautiful women in short skirts and various dorkily-dressed stereotypes, playing big guitars really loud, that's what.

I must confess, for years the image of the ZZ Top guys spinning their furry guitars around on their belt buckles hung in the back of my adolescent mind as just about the coolest thing ever.


Eric said...

Ah, what a great and decadent time in our history.

Russell Arben Fox said...

No kidding, Eric. I rewatched all the old ZZ Top videos before I made my choice, and it's almost impossible to express just how deliciously lowbrow they are.