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Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Soundtrack Friday Morning Videos: "It's In the Way That You Use It"

Well, tomorrow morning we're hitting the road for St. Louis, MO, and from there on to Kirtland, OH, Morris Plains, NJ, Boston, MA, and more. It's going to be three weeks of pretty much constant driving. Which means, of course, unless a free Wi-Fi connection in a hotel somewhere and inspiration happen to coincide, no blogging. But does that mean taking a break from Friday Morning Videos? Of course not.

Last summer, when we hit the road for a similarly lengthy excursion, I went with the "Lazy Summer" theme. This summer, I wanted to do something different. And then, last week's entry inspired me: soundtracks. Specifically, pop songs from film soundtracks that took on their own life in the music video world. No, it's not the greatest collection of music in the history of the world, but what are you complaining about? It's the summer, for heaven's sake. Anyway, here's a real fave of mine, though it's from one of Martin Scorsese's less impressive efforts:

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