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Friday, May 20, 2011

"Like the Sourdough He Appears to be Made Of!"

I've actually never thought Stephen Colbert was nearly Jon Stewart's equal. But making use of John Lithgow, the Second Hardest Working Goofball in All Media History. to give voice to Newt Gingrich? Pure genius. (If Lithgow doesn't win another Emmy for 4:04, there is no justice.)

(The Hardest Working Goofball in All Media History is, of course, here. And here.)


Abe Fox said...

Now that was EPIC!!

Cynthia L. said...

For me, Stephen passed Jon long ago. But that might just be because I think Stephen is hotter. The turning point was the White House Correspondent's Dinner, AKA Colbert's coming out party.

Jon seems to have mellowed with age (if you can use the phrase "with age" for him). His ethos has been less rock the establishment boat and more "can't we all just get along." Less fiercely partisan/progressive and more "let's both sides just be reasonable."

Stephen has so much more unrestrained progressive in his politics, and so much more fire behind his words. Also, Jon has never seemed to me to really get women's issues. From the start, Stephen featured feminist issues and figures more prominently, more often, and--to my sense--more authentically. (Jon and Kristen Schaal's epic, epic takedown of "money rape" being a major contrary example.)

That said, there are times when Jon's more middle-ground, elder statesman approach serves the topic well. He's a nearly unmatched interviewer (especially of "hostile" targets--just the right amount of respect and takedown), and when he's on fire--be it youthful raunchy or just epic takedown--he's on fire.

So maybe it is just that I think Stephen's hotter.

Cynthia L. said...

And yes, John Lithgow totally deserves some kind of award for that. A performance for the ages.