Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Morning Videos: "Land of Confusion"

Last year, it was when Genesis was just breaking into mainstream pop. This year, it's when they dominated it.

Great, cruel, sophomoric, vicious stuff. You all remember Spitting Image, right? No? Well, you probably don't remember Max Headroom either.


Jacob T. Levy said...

"Great, cruel, sophomoric, vicious stuff."

That's it exactly. I didn't approve of myself thinking that this video was awesome, and yet that's what I thought.

Russell Arben Fox said...

I know; I'm the same way. It's really just a horrible bunch of cheap shots, yet I find myself cracking up all the same.

Tim said...

Great song--not mainstream pop, imo, although most of the other songs on "Invisible Touch" were.

And the fact that the goofiest-looking ones in the video are Rutherford, Banks, and Collins is just awesome.