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Monday, May 24, 2010

Every Jar a Victory, Year 2

How do you really know that summer has begun? When Bruce Degen's wonderful rhyme comes true:

Three berry, four berry,
Hayberry, strawberry,

Finger and pawberry,
My berry, your berry,

Strawberry ponies,
Strawberry lambs,

Dancing in meadows
Of strawberry jam!

Every Memorial Day (or thereabouts), it's the same thing, and every year, it's a delight; one of Melissa's and my most enjoyable family traditions. The jam, strawberry crisps, and ice cream afterward is almost irrelevant. Almost.


Melissa said...

It's only irrelevant because *only* I EAT it. (Excepting the jam, of course; a couple of the girls eat that.)

Matt said...

strawberry jam is, of course, good, but I hope you saved some of the berries to eat on their own, or covered in some nice heavy cream! Now that's really heavenly (especially if you can get some blue berries to mix in, too.)

Russell Arben Fox said...

Melissa, nothing you eat could ever be irrelevant to me. Almost irrelevant, maybe, but not entirely. (And I DO eat strawberry ice cream!)

Matt, we did save some of the strawberries, though we also have some bushes here at the house, and that's where we get most of the fresh ones we put on cereal or cake with whipping cream. (Haven't had fresh blueberries since to we left Virginia, unfortunately. The place where we pick our strawberries will probably have blackberries though, later this summer. Keep your fingers crossed .

Matt said...

blackberries are good, too. But what I really miss are wild huckleberries! Mmmm, huckleberry pie.

justin said...

Can I buy some of that??
I'm afraid my daily pb&j has turned into a daily pb. :(

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the rains in May have greatly delayed the Oregon strawberry crop, and the rains in June may be wiping it out together. We may be stuck with the stuff from California that's just not as good.

But best wishes to those more fortunate.