Wednesday, August 13, 2008

15th on the 13th

Friday, August 13, 1993, Salt Lake City, UT, around 4pm, MST:

I know, I know: we look like a couple of New-Wavish elves, circa 1982, yet with a touch of goth make-up. All that's missing is for Melissa to have put on some big hoop earrings, and for my mullet to have been just a bit longer. And the real tragedy is that I don't even remember what we were laughing at.

Ah well. Fifteen years, about eighty pounds (fairly equally distributed between the two of us), four children, three university degrees, eleven moves, two countries, six states, one beard, four cars, fourteen jobs (mostly mine), and innumerable arguments later, we can still make each other laugh. Here's to the laughter continuing for another fifteen years, or thirty (wishing for another forty-five would be pushing it, I think). Happy anniversary, Melissa.

P.S. Yeah, we're back. Put over 3500 miles on the car, and it and the family is still intact. And now, back to work. What with new classes beginning next week and the APSA annual meeting the week after that, I suspect I won't have the time or energy to blog until after Labor Day. But we'll see...the conventions may be hard to resist...

P.P.S. To see my wife in her native costume and habitat, click here.


John B. said...

Happy anniversary, Russell and Melissa, and welcome back.

Great pics--both here and at Melissa's blog. Why should y'all care why you're laughing on your wedding day? If you aren't, at some point or other, on that day, then somethin's amiss.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Russell (and Melissa). I hope the beard is all yours! (Really, I know it is but could not resist.)

Rob Perkins said...

1982 New Wave elves? Ah no. You're both Meyer-esque supporting-cast vampires! Finally, a way to understand you through exploitative dime-store literature! Only $23 for each hardcover!


Congratulations anyway. For us it was five children, one university degree (and a pilot's certificate, but who counts that?), four states, seven cars, and five jobs.

Hey, my life history is less interesting!

Abe Fox said...


And you guys can do 45 more laughing years.....easy!!

Matthew Stannard said...

Happiest of anniversaries to two of our favorite people!

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture!

have fun at APSA. Sorry, I'll be missing it this year.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the sweetest wedding pictures I've EVER seen! Happy, happy anniversary a bit late!

Jacob T. Levy said...

Dude! You look like Nicolas Cage circa Valley Girl.