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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Special Independence Day PSTSS: "America, My Truck"

One day early, and continuing with our current vaguely Canadian theme, here's a Friday PSTSS for July 4th, a tribute to America from Authentic Canadian Treasure, Rick Moranis. Click on his website, hit the "new song" link, and sing along with "America, My Truck." (And enjoy the fireworks, everybody.)

America she got muscle
She tough and strong like steel
America can climb so high
She never lose her feel.

America pull more than her weight
Plow through anything get in the way
America the workhorse of the world
And the very, very best at play.

But America can spin her wheels
And sometimes she get stuck
I love America--
America's my truck.

America she got power
Never let her ever run right outta gas
Headlights shine to the future
Burnin' tracks, leavin' dust in the past.

America she love football
She drops her tail so sweet
It's the Fourth of July, there's fire in the sky
So save me a power seat.

But America can stall and spin
On patches of bad luck
I love America--
America's my truck.

No, Lincoln didn't drive no Lincoln
And Rosa just rode a bus
And Martin had a dream
Nixon liked to scheme
Try to make the country a better place for us.

Now Jack and brother Bobby, they had a vision
So Neil took a walk on the moon
And Louis still wails
Right through Louisiana gales
You can't stop no Dixieland tune.

But America needs a tune-up
All those shocks and brakes, the way she steers
Some tender loving care, cleaner water, fresher air
Keep on course for a couple more years.

But America, needs more than an overhaul
Ain't been the same since that day she was struck
I love American--
But with this much wear and tear I can--
And an interest rate that's fair I can--
Only in America--
Can I get me a brand new truck.

I love America--
My brand new truck.

And if you don't care for this Canuck's snarky but ultimately kind opinion of America (either because it's not mean enough to satisfy your anger, or because it's not quite mean enough for you get all defensive and angry about), then maybe a bit of Fry and Laurie's hammy bitter satire will do it for you...


Michigan Madsens said...

A real hoot!! And I needed a laugh today. Thanks.

Truck Rental said...

God bless America and my truck :)