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Friday, December 10, 2004

Our LOTR Geekout Begins

Melissa and I don't really have the time or the opportunity for our mutual passion for the Lord of the Rings--both the books and the films--to develop fully. But over the next several days, we're going to give it our best shot. Tonight: a close study and rewatching of the first half of our Fellowship of the Ring extended edition dvd. Tomorrow: the second half. Sunday and Monday: the first and second half of The Two Towers extended edition. That will leave us ready for Tuesday evening, when we will begin our 4 1/2-hour journey into the Return of the King extended edition dvd, which will be on sale as of that morning. I'm sure it'll take us a couple of days to get through it, but get through it we will, night after night, however long it takes us. Expect a report on Peter Jackson's final, complete masterpiece when I come back up for air.


Anonymous said...

I expect in a year or so that Peter Jackson (et al) will release a single-purchase, seemless edition of the director's cut. Just for folks like yourselves (and me!) who are prone to bouts of LOTR hysteria. 

Posted by Silus Grok

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for a wonderful blog. You sound like a man I'd like to know, Russell. A thoughtful liberal, aware of the ambiguities of real life, academia, politics, social change, and choice. I do not share many of your positions, but I can respect the way you present them.

Second, I, too, await the definitive director's cut of the LOTR film. Having said which, I liked parts of it very much, others less. I don't like all the things he left out and wonder about some of the overdone parts not from the book, esp. Aragorn's weakness in Rohan in The Two Towers. It's as though a modern director just can't get his head around the idea of true heroism or devotion to duty, or perhaps he thinks the audience would snigger at such a portrayal. But Jackson's Aragorn just isn't Tolkien's.

It is now exactly 38 years since I first read LOTR, in a few amazing days just before Christmas 1966 at my Danish boarding school, and my life hasn't been the same since. My kids are fairly strong Tolkien addicts too, though not quite to the same degree as I was when younger.

Some years later (1978) I had the privilege of translating the Silmarillion into Danish, and would love to do Unfinished Tales, but for some reason the Danish market has never been that Tolkien-receptive, unlike the Swedish.

The Danish translation of LOTR, by the way, is full of egregious errors which, despite my writing the publishers on several occasions, have never been corrected.


Posted by David G.