Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today, I Am the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

And yes, I am giving away the information for free.


matt said...

This movie spurred mixed feelings in both HGTTG fans and the uninitiated. My sons and I loved it because there were plenty of winks and nods to deep Adams fans; my wife, who only had cultural familiarity with the Adams universe, loved the movie because it was funny and well-produced and Mos Def was in it. Mos Def's _extremely_ understated performance epitomized the soft touch of the movie. There's a warmth and a fun to it that did not appeal to Adams fans with different expectations.

Of course, for another take on the Meaning of Life, see

Russell Arben Fox said...

There were elements of the film I really didn't like because they struck me as entirely pointless, Hollywood-groupthink-type changes. (Why couldn't the Vogon ships have been bright canary yellow, like they are in the book? What graphic designer in a cubicle decided "Oh no, that would be stupid"?) On the whole, though, I thought the film was a lot of fun--not a great movie, but a good one, and filled with solid (if pleasant and genial, not gut-busting) laughs. Their landing on the Vogon homeworld, with the shovels that slap you if you ever think, was the best bit. And I agree with you about Mos Def--though I would argue that Bill Nighy's Slartibartfast is what really made the movie.

Stephen said...

Question for free too?