Thursday, December 09, 2010

An Almost-But-Not-Quite-Late Hanukkah Gift for my Jewish Geek Friends

Actually, to be fair, Jacob Levy is probably the only one I can think of who will truly appreciate this, but I didn't want sundown to pass on the eighth day without getting it out there (more here):

Oh, yes, I'm back from Hong Kong. Got back last night, and Coke is doing wonders for my jet lag, sort of. I should probably say something about my trip, but later. First, let me finish with these study guides.


Jacob T. Levy said...

Gee, thanks! (I'd already seen it, but it's good for a laugh a second time around.)

I thought you didn't drink caffeine...?

Russell Arben Fox said...

Glad you liked it, Jacob. As for caffeinated drinks, lots of American Mormons avoid them religiously, for convoluted cultural/historical/theological reasons, but it's not doctrine, and never has been. The doctrine is simply no coffee, tea, alcohol or tobacco, with no other "official" interpretation being given, whether regarding caffeine content or anything else. As for Mormons outside the U.S., they have their own particular historical justifications and caveats; when I was a missionary in Korea, there was a constant low-level debate over which teas were included in the list of verboten ones.

As for me, it's never been much of an issue that I can recall. I don't drink a lot of caffeinated drinks, but I will drink Coke, when the desire and/or need hits me.

Anonymous said...

What am I? Chopped liver?
Western Dave

Russell Arben Fox said...

I promise you, Dave, I actually thought of you while writing the post...but I couldn't remember if you were a comics nerd as well. (Now, next time I run across something asserting that Mr. Ollivander is clearly Jewish, you'll be the first one I link to.)