Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Maybe Not the Best Music Video Ever, But Certainly the Most Awesome

Who can resist the crazy stuff which OK Go comes up with? I can't. They were saying only yesterday that this video would be everywhere within a day or two, and they're right.

Someone who is better that this (mean, I guess, both digital filmmaking and booby-trap construction) tell me: how many different shots constitute this video? Because I just can't believe it was all done in one.


The Modesto Kid said...

Agreed about the fantastic nature of this video, and that it's hard to imagine it was done in one shot -- I did see a place or two where I could imagine an edit having occurred, but am no expert.

How do you think this ties in with Daniel Kulash's op-ed piece a few weeks ago? Was Kulash firing a warning shot across EMI's bows, "We're about to put a video up on the web, our fans will embed it, if you disable embedding you're going to look like assholes" -- or has EMI seen the light? (Or is OK Go with a different label now?)

Russell Arben Fox said...

As far as I know, Modesto, they're still with the same label. We'll see how EMI reacts; it's only been up on Youtube since sometime on March 1st, so less than two days so far.

JNS said...

There was an episode of Mythbusters where they did a set-up like this (although significantly smaller) and worked it through a few times until the whole arrangement went in one go. So I think there are two ways to do this: lots of takes with edits, or lots of takes until you get one that doesn't need edits. I will note that there are a number of points where the transfer of momentum from one event to another is off camera and could have been helped along by direct intervention if necessary.

Abe Fox said... you rightly labeled it.....however, it was done!!

But, Man what if it was a Perfect take!!!!

Melissa said...

Not asking where you found it, but it sure made my day!! :-D

Melissa said...

Oh, and I found this about the video.

The Modesto Kid said...

Kulash says here, "We did actually shoot it in long, single takes. We only made it all the way through three times. But the truth is, one part, where we come down a waterfall, the action got a little behind, and three times, we actually got all the way through, the camera guy only got it once. So there is a bit of an edit in there. One edit. The machine did run all the way through each time, though, which is important."