Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apparently, the 90s Will Be With Us Forever as Well

First, our oldest daughter expresses an affection for the music of the 1980s. Now, our second oldest has discovered and embraced this classic as her new favorite song.

Could our daughters' musical appreciation age backwards, and one of them end up embracing Derek and the Dominoes, or the Beatles? The 80s I can handle, but Hanson? Seriously? And here I thought God was both merciful and just.


Anonymous said...

Not my preferred style of music, but MMMbop is a hell of a pop song, and the kids can actually play their instruments.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Catchy male vocal harmonies singing a chorus of upbeat nonsense words... why precisely would the band that sang "Obla Dee, Obla Dah" represent a difference in kind?

Russell Arben Fox said...

I will firmly defend the lyrical genius of what John Lennon referred to as "more of Paul's granny shit," which put a bunch of bourgeois English stereotypes to a reggae beat, but I take the point, Jacob. And I give Hanson props for their precocious talent, anonymous. I guess, overall, compared to many of disposable pop songs I adore, MMMBop isn't that bad. I guess I just haven't yet recovered from how terribly overplayed it was two decades ago.