Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Needed Another Laugh (or, "Prefabulated Amulite")

Too cold for the snow and ice to melt, so I'm not riding my bike to work, which means I'm not getting my exercise. I feel slow and sluggish. Forms and committee meetings are piling up. The whole blogosphere feels the same way to me, this week: weighed down and grumpy. Perhaps the snow in Washington and New York and everywhere else the hip bloggers live is getting us all down. Perhaps we just need another good laugh--something smart, and stupid, and time-wasting, all at once. Like this:

A long time ago I forwarded this to a bunch of friends of mine for a laugh. Glen, who builds killer robots for the U.S. Navy, commented that whole thing makes perfect sense. "The corn starch is the key, of course."

1 comment:

Kent said...

The first half is much better than the second half. I could understand what he was saying during the second half! That's no fun!

But the corn starch sight gag is quite wonderful I must admit.