Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Night Live Music: "Invisible Sun"

I mentioned before that the big "event" concerts that get put together rarely appeal to me--but this is another one which did: the massive "Human Rights Now!" Amnesty International tour of 1988. My political views were hardly fully matured 25 years ago, but I knew the tour t-shirts were cool, and I wished I could have caught the show. And when, years later, I first saw this terrific Sting and Bono collaboration, I wished it even more:

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J. Otto Pohl said...

If only Sting were not such a hypocrite. He gave a personal concert for Gulnara Karimova not too long ago. He also played the apartheid state of Israel. So apparently according to Sting apartheid against Arabs by Jews is okay it is only wrong when Afrikaners impose it on Africans. The man cares nothing for human rights. He did things like support the anti-apartheid movement because it made him look "cool" and increased his personal profits. When it comes to supporting human rights for Uzbeks and Palestinians which are not considered "cool" causes by the Left he is in full support of dictatorship and apartheid.