Friday, May 04, 2012

Summer's Here

Well, maybe not quite, but with my final grades submitted at last, it's close enough for me and JT anyway. I actually have my tape of Dad Loves His Work on right now, and it's kind of bittersweet. The truth is, I do love my work, I love it here at Friends, I'm a lucky man to be able to teach and work with and learn from and build a community with such a fine, funny, often smart, always motley bunch of students, colleagues, and friends. But you know--I'm really glad that this academic year has come to an end. Bring on the season of rejuvination!

Summer's here
That suits me fine
It may rain today
But I don't mind

In the past I've occasionally put up on the blog lists of what I plan to accomplish over the summer. I'm not going to do that this year. For one thing, as you may have noticed, I've gotten out of the blogging habit. I think I might try to get back into it this summer...maybe. But not right now. And for another thing, I've never been very good at actually accomplishing anything I put out here for public consumption, so this year, I think I'll keep my likely eventual embarrassment at what I don't manage to read or write or build this summer to myself. Instead, how about a favorite summertime pop video hit?

I listen to this, and immediately I'm driving down the freeway in a crazy, half-way broken-down pickup truck, which neither my older brother nor older sister wanted to drive, in the summer of 1985, between my sophomore and junior year of high school. This song comes on and I crank the radio all the way up, push the speedometer up over 80mph, making the whole truck rattle like mad as a cloud of dust and straw fly out of the back, and I sail past my exit, because the song is going and I don't want to stop. Good times. Hope the family and I can have some this year too.

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