Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Needed a Laugh

Lots of frustrating and confusing news out there this week, for an egalitarian and anti-corporatist like myself. Like this. And this. So I went looking for something that could make me laugh, and I found it. Took me back to college days, watching cable tv at friends' apartments circa 1991, and laughing my ass off at Joel (and later Mike), Tom Servo, and Crow.

I actually remember watching this episode, and this concluding gag in particular. I laughed so hard I was in actual, physical pain ("Big McLarge Huge!"). Sometimes you need that.


justin said...

Ugh! That show rocks. Joel was totally the better of the two in my opinion.
That episode reigns for a quick laugh. It's just so classic.

Russell Arben Fox said...

I used to be a Joel partisan myself (Joel! You're were the stoner older brother I never had!), but Mike had a style I really came to like as well. Plus, I just think he was better at the riffing (if not the between-segment gags) than Joel.

Thanks for the link. Gumby! I loved it when they took on stupid little shorts.

Camassia said...

You know Russell, your post reminded me of how long it had been since I'd seen that show, and the fact that my cable provider has recently made one of their early subjects, "Robot Holocaust," available on demand for free. So yesterday when I was home sick from work I watched that shipwreck of a film with the commentary synched up on Youtube. (Youtube also had the video, of course, but you really must see those terrible special effects with crystal clarity.)

So now I'm back at work, but my brain is completely melted. I blame you, of course. :-)

Russell Arben Fox said...

"Robot Holocaust"!?! I remember hearing about that one from other viewers way back when...that's the pre-"TV's Frank" days. Now I'm going to have to watch it on much for getting any work done today. Thanks Camassia!