Monday, July 27, 2015

Lazy Late Summer Workday #1

Well, it's definitely the dog days of summer now. Temperatures in the upper 90s and 100s. Summer teaching is over, and the fall semester won't begin for three weeks. (Meaning I don't have to think about my syllabi for at least two.) All the girls' summer camps and programs and shows are done. The tomatoes are finally ripening, the cucumbers have gone nuts, and after working to save the zucchini and peppers from various infestations, I'm just happy to see any growth on them at all. So I'm feeling lazy. Isn't this when all of Western Europe takes a vacation for about a month? Ah, to live in a civilized country.

But no, unfortunately, all the stuff I was too busy to do earlier has come around. A book review. An article proof. Plus, of course, I can't just pretend that the garden still doesn't need to be weeded every morning. Much as I'd just kind of like to escape, to steal away, to sail on, and just sleep away the next month or so, the work day still calls. Unfortunately.

So you knew this one was coming, right? Good for you. Now get to work; you're running late.

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