Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"The Other Times You're Just a Stinker."

I don't remember when I first saw To Have and To Have Not, but I suppose it was probably during my frustrated early college years--which might explain why, to this day, I think that movie is probably the most erotic, most sexual performance I've ever seen in my life. Two people, falling crazily in love with each other, literally while acting in front of the camera. This famous scene in particular, I can remember actually feeling a little embarrassed watching it, like I was peeping in on a private moment between two lovebirds. Which, of course, I was--we all were.

Bacall was more than Bogart-and-Bacall, of course....but she never denied that the romantic magic of her 12-year marriage to him defined her for the rest of her long life. There are far worse legacies than that, methinks. RIP.

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