Monday, July 14, 2014

"Got My New Resume; It's Printed in Comic Sans"

Possibly not Weird Al's greatest work ever, but when Eric Stonestreet shows up in those pants, it goes to, as they say, a whole nother level entirely. Welcome back, Weird Al; you've been missed.


Matt said...

He hasn't really been gone- it's a few years old now, but "Canadian Idiot" is great, and he has others, too. What I wonder, though is, how does he look so young? He must be, what, 55 at least? He was making songs when I was in grade school, and I'm not so young, so I'd not be surprised by 60. Is it plastic surgery? A deal w/ the devil? Some great sort of lotion he's keeping to himself? Harvesting the glands of his young fans? something else? The world needs to know.

Russell Arben Fox said...

Oh sure, he's consistently produced work over the years--but it's been six or seven years since "Canadian Idiot" and "White and Nerdy," and these days that's a long time to wait. He says he's giving up on albums though, so in the future it'll all be direct self-distribution, and that will probably be more frequent.

Assuming he keeps it up, that is. He started young, and is only 54 according to Wikipedia, but at some point being a parodist runs up against a built-in self-parody limit, don't you think?