Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Night Live Music: "If Not for You" and "Absolutely Sweet Marie"

I found myself spending some time this week listening to one of my very favorite concerts of all time, the huge Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration show at Madison Square Gardens, from back in 1992. It's only just recently been released on DVD, but I've had the concert on VHS (both tapes!) for years, and it's wonderful. I probably won't upgrade to the DVD though, because while it does include some backstage and rehearsal footage, it doesn't add any performances that I don't already have. On both versions some stuff from the show was left out, and is only available for those who managed to watch it live way back when, and record it off the tv (or who picked up a version from Japan). George Harrison's wonderfully fun and upbeat take on Dylan's "Absolutely Sweet Marie" from the concert has been around for a while, but not his cover of "If Not for You," which he first made famous by covering it on All Things Must Pass. Here, you get them both together.

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