Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday Night Live Music: "Heaven In My Hands"

I guess I just can't stop giving myself a soundtrack to my own life. So that means that I've gone without some sort of regular music on this blog for too long. But what can I do next? I've done lyrics. I've done videos. What's left? Ah yes--as my own viewing habits have made clear, there's live music. Live music as recorded and embedded on the internet, that is.

Oh well--whatever. I hereby inaugurate a new feature (which will long? through the summer, anyway): live recordings of great music that I find online, and that I love. Let me begin with one of my absolute favorites from Level 42, a band that, in its prime, proved that a slick keyboard-and-bass-heavy pop band from England can be as brassy and as funky as anything that ever came out of Memphis:

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Keep'em coming.