Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Morning Videos: "Tubthumping"

I think this may the most recent video I've ever posted on this feature--it's not even 15 years old! Nor is it especially punk. But it has a bit of that spirit, I think.

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Ricketson said...

It's interesting that you mention that this song has a bit of the punk spirit. I don't know how deep you've delved into Chumbawumba's work, but apparently they consider themselves an anarchist group. In the liner notes for the album that contained "Tubthumping", they made a point of explaining why they "sold out" with this album, and particularly this song.... explaining why they toned down their sound to make it more popular, and how this apparently frivolous party song in fact contributes to furthering the cause.

Anyway, their musical style is very versatile.