Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Morning Videos: "Cult of Personality"

So, ever since June, I've been bringing you lazy, groovy, folky 70s music by a bunch of cool and mellow white guys. Enough of that. Time to go in the opposite direction: music videos of loud music by aggressive black guys. Let's here it for the ultimate libertarian anthem!

I suppose Rush's "Free Will" might arguably claim that title, but I couldn't find a video for it.


Anonymous said...

"Freewill" was really an atheist anthem. Try "The Trees" or "Anthem" (after Rand's novella).

Speaking of Rand, Rand Paul got a cease and desist from Rush's attorney for unauthorized use of their songs at his rallies. (The attorney made it clear that this was not political issue, but a copyright issue.)

Jacob T. Levy said...

Politics notwithstanding, I've never found Rush of any interest. But this song is awesome.

Russell Arben Fox said...

Anonymous, I can see your point about "Freewill" and atheism, but I think is sketches out that essential anthropology or metaphysics of the libertarian worldview (that there is no sovereign save person individual choice, etc.) pretty well. "The Tree" is anti-egalitarian, but not necessarily libertarian. You're absolutely right about "Anthem" though ("Well, I know they've always told you/ selfishness was wrong / Yet it was for me, not you / I came to write this song").

I wonder what Rush songs Paul liked to have played?

Jacob, it is indeed an awesome song.