Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not Particularly Fair, Nor Particularly Accurate...

...but there's truth in here, all the same. (Hat tip: Rebekah Potts)

Do I agree with every claim that Jasiri X makes in this video? Not at all. The Tea Party movement is some arguably reasonable and defensible, some borderline questionable, and a couple of plainly outrageous and nihilistic things all rolled into one...but it is not, I think, a racist movement. But then again, I also think it is highly doubtful, given the socio-economic, regional, and demographic realities of Tea Party activism, that Obama's most extreme critics would be quite so passionate if the Birther claim was that he was secretly a Presbyterian from Scotland, if you catch my drift. Take that for whatever it's worth.

(Oh, and yes--I'm back, as if my repair job on the tragically aborted Robbie Dupree video last Friday wasn't enough indication. But I'm not blogging, because it's terribly hot--making me lazy--and because I have two workshops to teach back to back, along with a paper and a review that need to written before mid-August--making me terribly busy. Hopefully, I'll be back in relatively normal form within a couple of weeks. Until then, the Lazy Summer Friday Morning Videos will continue, because darn it, I like them. And there may be the occasional short posting here and there, like this.)


Anonymous said...

Then there would be Hope.

Anonymous said...

If you feed a donkey a Bible, eventually it will produce something with "truth" in it too.