Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sometimes, People are Awesome

For the moment, this morning, my faith (or at least my delight) in humanity has been restored:


Abe Fox said...


Something similar happened in Liverpool back in January - check this out:

scritic said...

Oh, Russell, no! Guess it says more about me than about what they did, but I was cringing my way through most of it.

Kathleen Jolley Fox said...

Oh, Russell, this is exactly what I have ALWAYS thought the world should be like! One Big Song and Dance! Love, Mother

John B. said...

I'm very glad I finally watched this (I'd seen it posted elsewhere but just hadn't clicked the link). Thanks for posting it.

Bob said...

Hi Russell

As it is Monday and I have just returned to work from holiday, so I am entitled to be pedantic today. Abe, it was actually at one of our major London Rail Terminals called Liverpool Street (bit like Grand Central in NY)and it's not the first time this has happened here. Here in the UK we call them 'flash mobs' and I think they are just great and there should be far more of them!

They usually happen in generally boring places , like rail stations and the buzz they generate is fantastic - really lift the day.


Abe Fox said...


Dang....I can't believe I missed that. You see, I spent two years (1994-96) serving a Mormon mission in England with half of that time in London.

Granted most of that "London-time" was near Chelsea & then Wembley.