Sunday, March 29, 2009

So That's His Name!

For months, Wichita bloggers (like myself and my wife) have found our every move carefully watched and documented by a supremely dry and witty link-blogger who operates out of Douglas and Main. The blogger at the site has actually corresponded once or twice with Melissa, but to me, he's been a mystery.

However, thanks to the intrepid Denise Neil at the Wichita Eagle, he has been exposed (and don't forget to check out the awesome accompanying photo). Bobby Rozell, take a bow--your work in giving all us Wichita-area bloggers a chance to find out who each other are has been exemplary. You have my respect and my thanks. (And incidentally, in case you're wondering, no: I don't at all mind being described as "verbose." I mean, "grandiloquent" might have been nicer, but hey, you take what you can get.)

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