Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Morning Videos: "It's a Mistake"

No, not having second thoughts about my vote from last week. (Second thoughts about last night's dinner, though.)

I was, of course, a politics geek in junior high and high school, and remember--little Reagan fan that I was--making a lengthy and pretentious historical analysis and critique of this song at one point. Cold War, first strike capability, mutually assured destruction, detente, Soviet paranoia, all of it. Man, I loved Men at Work. Them and War Games.


Unknown said...

Bah. Last night's dinner was good, and you know it.

DrJubal said...

Not to get in the middle of a domestic dispute, but if you liked Men at Work you should check out Colin Hay's post M@W catalog, which is 8-9 albums of mostly good stuff.